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Individual Leadership Coaching

Individual person-centered coaching for leaders and change agents. As a Co-Active Coach, I work with individuals collaboratively towards identifying and reaching goals. Initial session will provide a sample of coaching, overview of the process and discuss working together. Sessions are typically 45-60 minutes and can be in-person or over the phone.


Group & Systems Coaching

Groups and systems have shared goals and objectives. This approach to addressing group dynamics recognizes the power of the collective or culture which extends beyond the leader or any one individual.



Workshops & Training

All training will be tailored to best serve the goals of the organization and/or participants. I provide workshops and training on the following topics:

  • Organizational & Team Leadership
  • Employee Engagement and Supervision
  • Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue and Traumatic Growth
  • Catalyzing Organizational Inclusion
  • Designing Client Engagement
  • Personality & Team Development
  • Engaging in Difficult Conversations
  • Participatory Program & Policy Development
  • Quality Improvement
  • Housing First & Harm Reduction
  • Workflow & Time Management Strategies

I also provide seminars, which are a style of training that provides a smaller environment for shared learning. This setting provides an opportunity for participants to engage more in the discussion and contribute their own knowledge and learning.


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Organizational Development

Organizational development can take many forms it could be developing your core philosophies, mission, vision and values or perhaps developing a practice framework for team members to work from. Each project is unique and I enjoy tailoring the design & approach based on the context.


Team Charters &  Development

I spend time working with leaders and teams to develop team charters to improve cohesion and provide the foundation for team performance and collaborative teams. Typically the development of the charter will be a half-day or full day and is best served during an off-site meeting.

Additional and/or other team development initiatives can be co-designed to serve team development.


Quality Improvement & Evaluation

Quality improvement, research, evaluation and organizational development activities can be designed with each organization to match the unique needs. Here's work I typically engage in:

  • Program Development

  • Design of Program Logic Model & Theory of Change

  • Policy & Process Development

  • Developing Quality Improvement Plans

  • Evaluation, Action Research & Human Centered Design


Nic is an imaginative and informed educator who skillfully harnesses a safe environment for creating inclusivity and respect to achieve high standards of business practice.
— Stephanie