Nic is an imaginative and informed educator who skillfully harnesses a safe environment for creating inclusivity and respect to achieve high standards of business practice.
— Stephanie Finn

What people said:


"I've know Nic for 5 years and in that time he has become a trusted coach, mentor, advocate, and leader. In a very short time after meeting Nic I learned that he has the ability to inspire greatness in people and to draw out the best from within us without pushing or demanding. Nic enabled me to be a better person, a more proficient leader, and a more confident person. His insight helped empower me to overcome the barriers that I was placing in my own life and to have the courage to confront my own areas of growth in a meaningful way."

"Nic has been a major source of inspiration in my life and I cannot speak highly enough about him and his abilities to lead, coach, make change, and facilitate learning. He empowered me to seek my passions and to pursue my dreams and if it wasn't for him, I would not be where I am now in my life. I would highly recommend Nic to anyone looking to build a better future for themselves."

Bryan Sali President, Level Up Gaming League Ltd. (

"Nic is an imaginative and informed educator who skillfully harnesses a safe environment for creating inclusivity and respect to achieve high standards of business practice. Our team worked closely on developing policies and procedures that would best serve our community of staff and clients. Nic's unique ability to bring awareness to effective community building from a strengths based perspective brought huge success in helping youth remained housed and increasing their quality of care in our agency. Nic used meaningful and easily adopted skill based sessions of group coaching for leadership that were so impactful. I still use the skills and perspective I gained from these sessions every day in my current role. "

"Nic's investment in me allowed me to see my own potential in leadership. I was fortunate to love what I did and I gained more confidence to learn and grow more. Nic greatly aided me to build a toolbox for leadership."

Stephanie Finn


"I had the opportunity to have Nic work with me as a mentor. Nic creates the space for open discussion for topics of concern that include conflict resolution, burnout, team dynamics and engaging with community stakeholders. Nic facilitated activities, provided exercises and feedback to increase my knowledge, confidence and overall well-being. I am now a better clinician because of working with Nic."

"My team had an opportunity to work with Nic to process conflict and grow as a team. Nic is great at remaining neutral and providing the space to discuss the pros and cons of situation. This allowed our team to process and reflect on the situation which enabled us to resolve the conflict through a team approach. In addition, Nic engaged our team through a variety of exercises such as perspective sharing, and personality testing to identify the different strengths and best ways to engage our team mates. These exercises provided our team with much needed support to develop healthy relationships and provide opportunities for increased rapport within our team."

Jamie Fulmore

“Nic is an inspirational leader who promotes self-growth, inclusivity and equity at workplace. I had the opportunity to have Nic as my Coach for the last two years. Nic creates a welcoming space and promotes healthy and safe dialogue. He has played a key role in my personal and professional growth by providing on-going support, feedback and learning opportunities.  Nic has a wealth of knowledge and he continues to educate those around him. Nic’s friendly and humble demeanor makes him approachable as takes a genuine interest in getting to know those around him. Nic’s passion for the work in this field continues to inspire those around him. Nic has provided me with the skills and confidence to lead with compassion and care. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.”

Raj Lidder