Workshops & Training

All training will be tailored to best serve the goals of the organization and/or participants. I provide workshops and training on the following topics:

  • Organizational & Team Leadership

  • Employee Engagement and Supervision

  • Compassion Satisfaction/Fatigue and Traumatic Growth

  • Catalyzing Organizational Inclusion

  • Designing Client Engagement

  • Personality & Team Development

  • Engaging in Difficult Conversations

  • Participatory Program & Policy Development

  • Quality Improvement

  • Housing First & Harm Reduction

  • Workflow & Time Management Strategies

I also provide seminars, which are a style of training that provides a smaller environment for shared learning. This setting provides an opportunity for participants to engage more in the discussion and contribute their own knowledge and learning.


Current Workshops

In addition to the above workshops, Invoke Coaching works in partnership with other professionals to offer some of the following established workshops: