I have been in leadership roles for over 10 years and I wanted to participate in working with a coach to provide opportunities for me to gain a new perspective, thinking about doing things differently and become a better leader and human being. Nic was the perfect coach!!! He worked with me in ways that allowed me to tap into areas of my life that I may not have accessed around skills and strengths as I support my team and the agency during such an exciting time of transition. I am always wanting to learn, grow and challenge myself so I think there is so much more around this area that is essential to leadership and Nic was able to challenge me to explore “leadership Lisa” which included boldness! His calmness, curiosity and passion made the whole coaching experience a safe place to “just be” which allowed me to push myself to strengthen new ways to approach decisions, strengthen my self awareness and reflective practice as well as build off the competencies/strengths/passion of my team and peers.