About Coaching


What Coaching Does

As a Co-Active Coach, I work with individuals collaboratively towards identifying and reaching goals. Through this process, the work is individualized but typically addresses fulfillment, decision making, understanding perspectives and systems, self understanding and the alignment of goals and actions.

Most people who have experienced good coaching will tell you that it is a life-changing experience. Coaching helps you grow as a leader, change agent and human - it unlocks possibility, helping you to achieve your goals. Coaching is an evidenced-based profession, with growing popularity and global reach.

While I focus on leadership, my approach to coaching is holistic and human-centered. My role as your coach is not about your position, but about you as an individual - If we were as intentional about our lives as many of us are about our careers, just imagine what might be possible!

My role and code of Ethics

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics. I have chosen to pursue membership with ICF and an accredited ICF training program because I believe in aligning myself with an organization with an established method of practice. The code of ethics also provides direction in alignment with my values around the coaching relationship, agreement of confidentiality and professional conduct. As a professional, I engage in continual learning and improvement.

In pure coaching, you do not typically provide direction or expertise; however, my experience and way of thinking will provide insight as a coach. Coaching is focused on powerful questions and conversation designed to draw out your wisdom.