Nic Etheridge Calder

Masters of Arts in Leadership | Co-Active Coach

Welcome! My name is Nic Etheridge Calder. I live and work in Calgary, Alberta -- originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I am enthusiastic about coaching and change management, particularly in terms of social progress. My key values are creativity,  possibility, authenticity & community. I have an MA in leadership and I have spent years leading in the non-profit sector prior to starting my own business. I have found that often we are searching outside of ourselves for answers and solutions when the capacity rests within ourselves, our teams, community and systems for growth and innovation. My role is to help people invoke that capacity and activate it! Inclusion, human rights and space for variety is important to me. Iā€™m highly attentive to the role of trauma and resiliency in all aspects of life - my practice is trauma informed, and while healing trauma is not a focus, I often see resiliency and transformation. Regardless of your background or experience, one of my first priorities will be to co-design a helpful space to work within. I practice from a framework of authentic leadership and love working with people and organizations that are interested in growing and shifting perspectives.

Background & Experience

  • Senior leadership in the non-profit sector

  • Organizational change and design

  • Experienced leading organization & program accreditation

  • Utilization of individual and team assessment & development tools

  • Experienced public speaker, facilitated large and small group-learning experiences

  • Proven ability to inspire participation in vision

  • Experienced at improving program quality and developing teams

  • Strong ability to build trust and resolve conflict

  • Experienced in property management


  • Master of Arts in Leadership, 2016 - Royal Roads University

    • Performance & Financial Management

    • Action Research Design

    • Change Management

    • Leadership for Organizations and in Systems

    • Organizational Leadership Research Project: Bridging Silos

  • Member, International Coach Federation

  • Co-Active Coach Training, 2016-2018 - Coaches Training Institute

  • Motivational Interviewing, 2011

  • Transtheoretical Model of Change, 2011


What Coaching Does

As a Co-Active Coach, I work with individuals collaboratively towards identifying and reaching goals. Through this process, the work is individualized but typically addresses fulfillment, decision making, understanding perspectives and systems, the alignment of goals and actions & self understanding.

Most people who have experienced good coaching will tell you that it can be a life-changing experience. Coaching helps you grow as a leader, change agent and human - it unlocks possibility, helping you to achieve your goals. Coaching is an evidenced-based profession, with growing popularity and global reach.